I'm a film photographer and documentary videographer living in Denver, Colorado. I currently work as a Media Specialist for the well-known photographer, George Lange
I'm also the Director of Photography for the documentary film, "Paywall: The Business of Scholarship." Producer Jason Schmitt and I focus on the growing need for open access to research and science while questioning the rationale behind the ever increasing profit margins of big academic journal publishers like Elsevier. Staying true to the open access model, the film is free to view, download and distribute.
Since the documentary's release in September of 2018, it has been featured at over 350 universities, organizations, and institutions around the world. Our film screenings have circled the globe from The United Nations and NASA's Jet Propulsion Library, to universities in central Africa, and biotech research institutes in India. The film's wide reach prompted the leading multidisciplinary science journal, Nature, to write their first ever film review. 
You can learn more about our documentary at PaywallTheMovie.com.
In 2018, I published my first documentary photography book, "Cuba After Fidel." The project explores the people and culture of Cuba after the passing of the nation's revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro. The collection is a vibrant portrayal of city streets, tobacco farms, and the Cuban coast. The book was created using a 35mm film camera and includes over 100 photographs. Signed copies are available for purchase. 
Contact me for photo and video shoots, print prices, and more information.